Letitia Single Lapel Concept Evening Gown


Description:Fitted tailored dress with a single sided nautical lapel feature on the right hand side. The left hand side and a smooth asymmetric v point neck line. The dress is fitted from the neckline down to just above the knees where it then flares out into a fish tail cut. The whole of the skirt hem is finished with crinoline.

The back of the dress has a 22cm right hand side off centre closure and the back has a trail of 80cm. This dress comes fully lined.

The gloves are for styling purposes and are not sold with the dress.

Manufacture Location: London, United Kingdom 

Fabric: Wool Crepe Fabric

Care instructions: Dry Clean Only

Composition: 29% Wool, 69% Polyester, 2% Viscose

Garment Length: 200cm/80 inches

Model height:  5ft 10 Inches


This custom made dress is available on 21 day delivery time. Available in any size upon request.